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Hi, I'm jenn!


You are trying to do all the things! I remember, I've been there! Be a recruiter, a sales person, a trainer, tech support, a social media strategist, a content creator, hashtag researcher, oh!! and don't forget your family...but don't worry... I GOT YOU!

I've been there...Owning a business, being a mom, trying to keep up with all the changes on social media...

It all feels so overwhelming! I get it! Let me show you how to post on social media more consistently so you can grow your team and make more sales in LESS TIME!

More than 12 years ago, I joined Thirty-One Gifts in the hopes of earning a little extra money while I was a stay at home mom. While growing a large team across the country and being in the top 3% of the company, I discovered social selling and built my business around selling on social media in a non-icky way!

Just over 7 years ago I started helping others do the same. Working together one to one, I have helped more than 20 Direct Sales consultants across all industries (health and wellness, fashion, jewelry, candles, photography, authors, virtual assistants, coaches and more) grow their customer base and teams by using trending, handpicked hashtags and a non-icky content strategy.

I created an affordable Hashtag Membership to help even more Direct Sellers expand their customer base by providing them with new handpicked, trending hashtags and content prompts every month because I KNOW how hard it is to stay up to date on all the social media changes, grow a team, grow your customer base and take care of your family all at the same time.

Fun facts about me!

I have two adult sons. The 19 year old races cars and the 22 year old flies planes!

I love watching sports with my family. My favorite to watch is hockey or NASCAR.

My two cats are Goose & Maverick? Can you guess where their names are from?

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